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A Lawyer's Responsibility During an Opening Statement

January 5, 2015 • DUI Defense

Miami DUI lawyerDuring his opening statement to the jury, a Miami DUI lawyer should not make any promises. The jury will need to view the attorney as trustworthy, and if he makes a promise that he does not keep, it can affect the jury’s view of the defendant, and damage the entire case. The jury might think that the lawyer was deliberately deceptive, which can further ruin credibility and result in a guilty verdict.


The Difference Between Facts and Promises in a DUI Case

A Miami DUI attorney might make promises if he thinks that the trial will uncover certain facts. However, a trial can take unexpected twists and turns, and therefore may not unfold in quite the way the defense lawyer expects it to. The lawyer should simply state the facts of the case during his opening statement, and focus on how those details affect the case. However, he should be conservative in his evaluation of the case and in explaining the types of evidence that opposing counsel will offer. A seasoned defense attorney will generally be safe, not risky, in his case assessment and in the wording used with jurors.


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