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How Our DUI Lawyer in Miami Helps Clients Prepare for Defense Attacks

February 16, 2016 • DUI Defense

Prior to your testimony, our DUI lawyer in Miami will help you prepare for possible attacks from the prosecutor. For example, the prosecutor will emphasize the instructions that the police officer gave you, connect the field sobriety tests to your blood alcohol levels and work to discredit defense witnesses.

Police Officer Instructions

Once the prosecution establishes that the police officer gave you the instructions on how to take the tests properly, the district attorney will emphasize how careful the officer was when giving directions. The prosecutor will further note that the officer showed you how to do the tests, eliminating any possible confusion on your part about what to do.

Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs) and Blood Alcohol Levels

The district attorney might call an expert who backs the strong relationship between poor performance on an FST with a person’s blood alcohol level. In other words, if you could not follow the officer’s directions, then the prosecutor will want the jury or judge to believe that you were impaired. The district attorney will also ask the expert witness to explain how a person acts at each level of impairment, further connecting your behavior with inebriation.

Discredit Defense Witnesses

If you, family members or other friends take the stand the stand to talk about your performance on the FSTs, the district attorney will challenge you by asking if you have specific training in these tests. Likely, the answer will be no. Instead, the prosecutor will insist that the jury should take the word of a law enforcement officer over the opinion of someone with no experience with FSTs.

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