Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) DUI

An arrest for a DUI while operating a commercial vehicle not only impacts your personal freedom but also your ability to work. You depend on your commercial driver's license and getting a DUI while operating a commercial vehicle can jeopardize your career. Unlike a DUI where the legal limit is .08 for a CDL DUI the legal limit is .04. All of the DUI Penalties discussed before apply to CDL but the bigger issue with these cases is the impact on your CDL. The following are differences between a regular DUI and a DUI with a CDL. Everything else in this site is applicable to a CDL DUI including all defenses

CDL Revocations

  • First Conviction: Disqualified for 1 year from operating commercial vehicle
  • Second Conviction: Permanent Disqualification
  • Hardship License: Not Eligible 

Refusal To Submit To Testing

  • First Refusal: Disqualified for 1 year
  • Second or Subsequent Refusal: Permanent Disqualification

As you can see it is important that only the most vigorous DUI defense is employed in order for you get your CDL reinstated and get you back to work. My practice focuses on DUI defense in Miami and I have years of experience helping commercial driver's get back to work. Give me a call and we can discuss your options right away.

If you are facing a DUI while operating a commercial vehicle in Miami please contact me directly so that I may answer any questions you have and provide you with a free case evaluation. My practice focuses on DUI defense in Miami. Let’s talk about your case and what defenses it might have.